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Super Bowl Math 2013

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In preparation for Super Bowl weekend, I updated a lesson I used a couple years ago where my Algebra I students calculated the quarterback passer rating for their favorite quarterbacks.  They really enjoyed it!  For a little history on the QB Rating, this is a good article.

I provide the data they need since most NFL sites include the rating in their usual stats for each player.

Quarterback Passer Rating Worksheets guide the students step-by-step through the calculations

Quarterback Statistics for 2012 season gives the answers

Quarterback Stats for 2012 seasion WITHOUT the QB Passer Rating is the data sheet to give to students

I am a new fan of which also has had some great Super Bowl prep activities on their site, including How Have the Super Bowl Ads changed (graphing points, recognizing an exponential function, predicting future costs of ads), Super Bowl Scores 2013 (predicting Sunday’s score, finding mean, median, mode, and range and determining which measure best represents the data), 4th Down (using data to decide whether to go for it, attempt a field goal, or punt on 4th down), Super Bowl Numerals (Roman numerals, number sense), Losing Teams in the Playoffs (ratios, percents, and proportionality) and NFL Home Team Advantage (using an inforgraphic to compare NFL home and away wins).  This site provides FREE pdfs of their activities which are linked to the Common Core State Standards, or you can purchase a $15/yr membership and have access to editable documents and solutions. Well worth the $15 a year to be able to personalize the already great activities.


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